Common Questions (and Answers) for Solar Screens

Sun Screen Protection

Improve your household or business makeover while saving money and cutting your utility bills. A solar screen shading system is the most cost-effective and appropriate way to minimize heat and glare in any window study. The use of solar screens on the outside of your home has proven to be significantly more effective in improving window performance and limiting the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

What Are the Benefits of Installing SunScreen on Your Home’s Exterior?

Installed outdoor sunscreens provide several advantages and shield your property from harmful UV rays. Learn more about using sun protection materials to create outdoor sunscreens.

  • Outdoor sun control materials defend against dangerous ultraviolet rays, which can damage or fade floors and furnishings and increase energy expenses.
  • A sun control screen, which distributes heat from sun rays, can save up to 25% on electricity and air conditioning, making it more comfortable inside all year long.
  • Reduce glare by working, reading, or watching TV without squinting. Sun control screening serves to lessen solar glare throughout your home.
  • The external sun control technologies create panels that provide an added layer of seclusion to your property throughout the day. To establish a more excellent wall against the outside world, choose among a choice of weaves and colors.

Additional Benefits Of Getting Sunscreen For Your Home

Solar screens might also reduce an air conditioner’s total “load” by up to 60%, reducing interior temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees and saving you money on power costs right away!

The reduced labor load results in longer-lasting equipment that requires less maintenance, thus saving further. Here are some added benefits of getting your family the sunscreen they deserve.

  • Allows a delightful breeze while keeping pests and insects out.
  • Every size and shape of window can be customized, including arches.
  • It increases the value of your property and improves its beauty.
  • The solar screens are removable for cleaning regularly.
  • After a few years, it usually pays for itself.
  • The outdoor cloth is highly durable and long-lasting.
  • It’s flame and fade resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions For Solar Screen

Solar screens are an efficient method to reduce heat build-up in homes or businesses. However, there remain many unanswered questions concerning how they work.

When it comes to solar screens, how long do they last?

Solar screens can last ten years or more when installed correctly. Phifer Suntex and Twitchell Textilene fabrics will last at least ten years. Cheap solar screen fabrics (like those made overseas) are much more likely to fade and fail after just a few years.

Is it true that solar screens keep the heat out?

The best sunscreen materials are made from polyester coated with PVC. Solar screens have fewer holes or “openness” than typical insect screens. Solar screens can shield heat and UV radiation from the sun with a percentage of effectiveness ranging from 40% to 95%. If you’re looking to buy solar screens online, you’ll want to look for either 80 percent or 90 percent solar screens to ensure that they are successful at preventing the heat out and still allowing you to see outside.

Which is better: window tint or solar screens?

The most effective technique to keep heat from passing through the glass is to keep it from reaching the pane in the very first place. Solar screens are better at inhibiting the sun’s heat and UV radiation. They reflect away the heat from the glass, keeping it from getting too hot.

On the other hand, window tint does not prevent heat from reaching the glass in the very first place. If you’re familiar with the notion of heat radiation, you’ll know that when the heat comes from the glass, a significant percentage of it will pass through.

Is it true that solar screens work?

Solar screens perform a great job of limiting heat input through windows. We can’t estimate how much money you’ll save on your electricity bills by installing solar screens on your windows. If an area on the south or west side of your house is hotter than the rest of the building, installing a solar screen on the window(s) will help balance the temperature.

What is the price of a solar screen?

Solar screens are typically priced per square foot (or square inch). The larger the screen, the higher the price. Solar Screen Outlet’s solar screens range from $29 to $85.

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