How to Clean Your Garage Door

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Spring begins to melt into summer, which means pollen is falling at a rapid speed and covering everything in sight. Get a jump on spring cleaning this year! When cleaning up though, things can get missed, one of the common things that is missed during spring cleaning is your garage door. Garage doors experience a lot of wear and tear, they endure harsh winters and rainy spring and hot summers. They are almost always in need of a little love and care. This year, take care of your garage door right, by cleaning it right. 

What do I need to clean my garage door?

When it comes to cleaning garage doors, you have to be careful, much like cleaning anything. Garage doors are actually fairly simple to clean though, as long as you have the right materials. You want to start by gathering all of the right cleaning supplies. Soft, clean clothes are a must, as are soft, clean towels. You also want a gentle cleaner, such as dish soap or car soap is a bucket of warm water. A broom also tends to come in handy when cleaning your garage door, as does some silicon based lubricant. 

How do I clean my garage door?

Garage door cleaning is an important step in keeping your garage door in good condition, so you want to make sure when you are cleaning it that you are not damaging it. The first thing you want to start with, is cleaning off all of the dirt and dust and debris using a broom. This makes it easier to clean with soap and water later on. After clearing off the dirt and debris from your garage door, you want to pre-rinse it with a hose. Once the garage door is thoroughly wet, using a soft, clean, cloth, you want to cover the garage door in soap. After the soap has been applied you can rinse off the garage door using the hose again and dry off the garage door using a soft, clean, towel. When you are satisfied with how your garage door is drying, it becomes time to take out the silicon based lubricant and use it on the weatherstripping of your garage door. 

Your garage door should be cleaned on both the inside and the outside. Once one side is done you can move onto the other side and ensure that your garage door is totally spiff and span. 

Cleaning up your garage door is an important part of garage door maintenance and should be done when you see your garage door looking on the dirtier side. Keeping your garage door clean and making sure to lubricate the weather stripping can increase the longevity of your garage door, making it look better longer, and making it last longer. Garage door maintenance is as simple as scrubbing down your garage door every once and a while, and it pays off in the end. Why wait, clean up your garage door today!

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