How to Make Your Garage Door Stand Out

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Garage doors are a prominent part of our homes that are often overlooked and frankly, a lot of us ignore them. For most people, your garage door is just another part of your home. It does not get much special treatment or special attention. However, sprucing up your garage door can really make your garage door, and house, stand out from the rest. Adding little things like some color, and some accents can really improve your garage door’s look. 


Adding a bit of color can totally transform your garage door. From painting the door to adding flowers and foliage around it, adding a dash of color to your garage door can really change its appearance for the better. Start with washing your garage door and then cover your driveway and the trim of the garage door. Once the door has been prepped, you can begin painting. Paint the door and the trim to add some color and bring more life to your garage door. Adding some hanging plants or some tall plants in planters can add some great color to your garage door as well. 


Another great way to make your garage door stand out in your neighborhood is to add some hardware to it. Whether your garage door is made of metal or wood, you can buy hardware to attach to it online. A lot of people opt to do this because it gives the eyes some kind of direction to follow when looking at it. You are also able to achieve a style of garage door you previously could not when you buy hardware to put on it. Magnetic, and more permanent options are available when you are looking to attach hardware to your garage door. This will make it look more interesting and make it stand out more than a basic garage door would. 


Natural light is loved by many and it helps to break up spaces. Adding windows, fake or real, can make your garage door look even better than it did before. Installing actual windows will not only look good, but also provide natural light for the garage. If you are not able to, or simply do not want to, instead of installing windows in your garage door, you can get fake windows that go on the outside of the door and give the illusion that you have windows. This will create a unique garage door that looks amazing as well. 

Making your garage door stand out does not have to be a difficult thing, it should really be a fun thing to do. Simply adding some color to it, adding some hardware to it, and adding some accents like windows to your garage door can make it stand out in your neighborhood. Make your garage door as unique and personal as the rest of your home. Don’t let it become a burden, but look at your boring garage door as an opportunity to create something lovely and interesting to look at. 

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