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Since 1941, Central State Door Service has served Central Pennsylvania with high-quality garage and entry door products and services. These doors are important parts of your home for two main reasons: style and function.

All homeowners want doors that look great and keep their belongings safe and secure. Central State Door Service serves both needs by offering attractive garage and entry doors that also provide the dependable performance and protection you want. Learn more about our products below.


Perfect for high-traffic areas, high-speed roll up doors feature responsive lifting and lowering as well as breakaway design that can reduce damage and the cost of repairs in case of an accident. Our high-speed industrial roll up doors offer safety and protection, low maintenance and a variety of colors that allow you to customize your product. Moving at speeds of up to 100 inches per second, our high-speed roll up doors can handle the most challenging of high traffic areas, keeping workers and inventory safe and protected. Enjoy the benefits of advanced performance that maximizes safety and minimizes safety. Find each model in a range of standard colors, including blue, orange, yellow, red and gray.


This fabric roll up door handles interior and exterior dock applications. Choose between a manual hoist or push-button operation — whichever best matches your needs and work environment. Ideal for low-to-moderate traffic areas. The Bantam® is an economical fabric door option that offers an attractive alternative to the more difficult to maintain overhead dock doors.


This fiberglass door is fast and attractive, and it can handle high-traffic interior areas where durability is key. Plexline doors combine the best of composite materials with the best of Rytec high speed doors. For added safety, take advantage of features like an optional manual brake release, a reversing pneumatic edge and thru-beam photo eyes. Plexline doors make an affordable option for pharmaceutical and food facilities, as well as other industrial operations. As an added bonus: Plexline doors feature an understated design that makes the perfect complement to a sleek, contemporary work space.


When it was introduced with the first-ever Break-Away™ bottom bar, the Fast-Seal high-speed roll door changed the industry forever. Suddenly, a roll door is able to take a hit without suffering damage.

It is this concept around which the high-speed door industry has grown, but no other manufacturer has matched the dependability or durability of the Fast-Seal with the original Break-Away™ bottom bar. This, along with its patented counterbalance and tension system, is why the Fast-Seal remains the best exterior high-speed door on the market today.

Predadoor NXT

This is the most advanced direct drive roll door on the market, providing tight seals and a wireless safety system. The Predator NXT provides dependable performance with low maintenance. It also includes advanced safety and repair features that maximize safety with little maintenance — the perfect combination when dependability is key. A two-year warranty on materials and workmanship adds additional value when you purchase the Predator NXT.

Turbo-Seal SR

Improve your traffic flow and reduce energy costs when you choose the Turbo-Seal SR. This high-speed roll door provides a tight seal for temperature-controlled areas and fast opening and closing for enhanced productivity. Its self-repair features also mean little downtime or maintenance for the operator. The Turbo-Seal SR automatically releases and resets when it takes a hit from either direction. This eliminates downtime without the need for a worker to take action and without the door sustaining any damage.

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