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Allied Dock Products

Bumper Guide

The bumper guide improves visibility when backing up to a loading dock by using
multi-directional, laser printed reflective materials. The bumper guide highlights the bumper area to the left and right of the dock doors providing a clear drive line
for the backing truck.

LED Bumper Guide Lights

Two LED Guide Lights mounted under the loading dock bumpers to the left and right guide drivers safely into position. These bright Yellow LEDs are great for enclosed loading bay areas or outside docks in need of more visibility.

Edge Lights

Light & Communication

A light communication system is an important safety component to have at any
loading dock. You can enhance this communication by adding the Edge Lights to the interior wall above the dock door. Edge Lights flash either red or green and are an added level of safety that becomes visibly clear to any dock worker when it’s safe or not to enter the trailer. Integrate these Edge Lights with any vehicle restraint controls for an automated
level of communication to ensure that a safe loading process takes place.

Dock Light

Phoenix Flex LED Docklite®

The Phoenix FLEX LED docklite® provides light comparable to an incandescent dock light with a 150W PAR38 lamp. With its minimalist construction and sleek profile, the Phoenix FLEX LED exudes style in an often otherwise utilitarian environment. Its compact design minimizes the potential for unintended impact with overhead doors or fork trucks on loading docks. When impact does occur, the flexible arm and hinged bracket allow the fixture to swing easily out of the way. With no filament to break, the solid-state light source readily withstands impact. The FLEX LED is energy efficient and extremely low maintenance.

LED Light Upgrade

Upgrade your current incandescent red and green communication lights to longer lasting energy efficient LEDs. The LED lighting upgrade is 20 times more efficient than incandescent lights and contains 6 high visibility LED bulbs.
When upgrading to LED lighting, the same housing fixtures can be used. No piping, drilling, or complicated wiring is needed for installation. The LED lighting upgrade has an average operating life of 30,000 hours per light and a 1-year replacement warranty.

Track Guard

The Track Guard acts as a barrier protecting the overhead door track from impact
during loading and unloading of a truck. Designed for both automatic and
mechanical doors, the track guard has a tapered top to prevent pinching of items in
the unit while the door is closing. The track guard mounts to both the floor and
wall, providing extra strength and durability.

Section Protector

Door Shield™

The door SHIELD™ is designed to protect the bottom panel of the overhead door from the daily dings and collisions caused by pallets and rolling carts. The door SHIELD lowers in front of the door protecting the bottom panel by engaging with the floor or dock leveler preventing items from being pushed into the door.
The door SHIELD utilizes an under-door lip which prevents the door from being closed before the door SHIELD is in position. The door SHIELD is available in both standard height as seen on the right of the photo or with the optional extended cart shield as seen on the left. The door SHIELD can be used with either mechanical or powered doors and can be interlocked electronically to the overhead door or dock leveler with the optional interconnect limit switch.

Bar Lift Barrier

Loading Dock Safety Barrier

DLM’s Bar-Lift Barrier prevents lift trucks from driving over the dock edge while simultaneously protecting your loading dock doors from damage. Hydraulic operation provides years of trouble-free service for use with both mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers. The Bar-Lift Barrier can also be installed on docks without levelers.
This unit is rated to withstand repeated impacts by a 10,000 lbs. load moving at 4 mph. Standard units (including stanchion, barrier arm, and receiver pocket) are 12’1” wide. Customized widths and gusseted models are also available to protect the bottom panel of overhead doors.

Dock Safety Gate

Safety Gate

The safety gate provides pedestrian protection against falls from the loading dock and elevated work areas. The two-rail design makes the unit highly visible whether the door is open or closed.
The custom gas struts make the vertical gate easy to open with just one hand. The tapered guides on the receiver post make for easy alignment and secure closing. The mounting posts also protect the door track from damage. The safety GATE installs quickly by simply bolting the unit to the finished floor. The safety GATE is available in 8ft and 10ft widths.

Draft Pad

The Draft Pad is a vinyl foam-filled dock seal mounted to the underside of a vertical storing dock leveler. The pad fills the gap between the leveler and pit floor, diminishing air infiltration and reducing the costs associated with maintaining warehouse air temperature and humidity. It also seals tightly against the pit floor while the leveler is in use, which helps prevents rodent and bug entry.

Weather Seal Rear Brush


The Pro-Seal is a tubular-shaped brush weather seal that is used to seal off the rear hinge area of the loading dock. The brush seal is held in place with specially
designed clips that are installed using a patented clip tool. Once secured in place,
the brush seal will expand, sealing off the rear hinge area and creating protection against air and rodent infiltration.

Cup Seal

The cup seal is designed to close off the area around the pull ring on mechanical
levelers and powered levelers with pull chain functions. The brush seal design
helps protect against bug, rodent and air infiltration.

Draft Wedge

The Draft Wedge is designed to close off the gap between the overhead door, the dock leveler and pit wall. This wedge-shaped seal is filled with foam and covered in Dynalon performance fabric, which allows the Draft Wedge to form to the gap area where the door meets the leveler and pit wall.
The Draft Wedge is designed to help reduce energy costs, as well as help prevent bug and rodent infiltration.

Dock Bumpers

Laminated bumpers or laminated bumpers with steel face plates provide the
longest available protection to your building. Various projections and sizes for
every need.

4”, 6”, 8” Projections, 10”, 20”, 24”, or 36” Lengths.

Dock Ladders

The DL-80 and DL-96 model dock ladders from DLM provide a secure and sturdy entry and/or exit point for the typical 48″ docks. Both are rugged, long lasting designs made with 1″ diameter steel pipe. Rungs are made of grated steel
channel for slip resistance.

Portable Steel Yard Ramp

The yard ramp allows for traffic to move from the dock level down to the ground or from the ground up into the back of a truck, which helps loading/unloading flow smoothly. The 18” industrial solid rubber pneumatic tires allow for easy movement of the ramp around your shipping yard to have you ready in minutes to begin
loading/unloading. The hydraulic adjustment system permits fast reliable height adjustment of the yard ramp with virtually any trailer bed height.

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