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How to Clean Your Garage Door

Spring begins to melt into summer, which means pollen is falling at a rapid speed and covering everything in sight. Get a jump on spring cleaning this year! When cleaning up though, things can get missed, one of the common things that is missed during spring cleaning is your garage door. Garage doors experience a

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Twin house garages

How to Prepare Your Garage for Summer

As summer approaches, spring maintenance looms over garages everywhere. Throughout the winter, our garages and garage doors see some stuff. From snowy winter boots, to getting hit by snow shovels accidentally. Your garage door needs some TLC.  Maintenance After such a harsh winter, your garage door is bound to need some extra love this spring.

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Old Garage Door that needs replaced

Do you know when to replace your garage door?

As summer approaches, so does the heat and UV damage to your garage door. Animals look for a new place to hide out from the summer sun and kids start playing out in the yard again, inevitably hitting places on the house with balls and random objects they find to throw again. This season, get

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House with wooden garage doors

4 Reasons a New Garage Door Increases Your Home Value

When considering which home improvements make sense for you, it’s helpful to know which improvements maximize your home value and avoiding overspending on improvements that limit your return on investment. It’s easy to look for DIY solutions, like replacing fixtures or giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. Many people fail to realize the

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House with wooden garage doors

4 Important Questions To Ask When Balancing a Garage Door

A balanced garage door is essential to a well-functioning home. Running an unbalanced garage door can create a variety of issues and safety concerns. Is it time for you to balance your garage door? In this blog, we’ll be discussing four important questions to ask when checking the balance of your garage door. Why is

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cloplay avante garage door

How and When Should I Inspect My Garage Door?

How and When Should I Inspect My Garage Door? A well-operating garage door welcomes you home after a long day. You count on your garage door to smoothly operate when you need it. A garage door that is operating below capacity can be an inconvenience, which is why we suggest that you have your garage

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