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We offer a range of residential door operators that help keep your home safe and accessible. Whether integrated battery backup, remote access to control your doors and house lights on your smartphone, or timer-to-close features, we have you covered.

Our full line of residential accessories includes additional remotes, keyless entry systems, laser parking assistance, surge remotes, mini-remote, garage door monitor remote house light controls and battery back up systems.





Understanding the safety risks that exist with any garage door opener is a critical step forward to preventing potential injury. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has established UL325 Standards providing guidelines for safety accessories to either be added to existing garage door openers* or recommends new garage door openers be installed with the latest advances in safety systems to replace your out of compliance opener.

SAFETY NOTICE standard safety devices on electrically powered doors require routine inspections from qualified technicians to ensure proper operation. To learn more about approved UL325 safety devices that can reduce the risk of injury, contact your Central State representative today.

*Certain brand or age garage door openers cannot be made UL325 compliant.

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Since our founding, we have strived to bring central PA homeowners the best products on the market today. Let us put together a complete turnkey package containing everything you need to take your garage into the 21st century. To get started, call or email our Harrisburg office today.




The Elite Series® of garage door openers takes a simple task — letting you into and out of your garage — and makes it smarter, safer and more intuitive. Backed by innovative technology and your choice of installation options, Elite Series openers are an excellent choice for any home.

Central State Door Service is proud to compliment our selection of attractive garage doors with LiftMaster openers. We are an authorized dealer and installer for the company’s complete product line, and can ensure your purchase gets set up right the first time.

Products and Key Features

The Elite Series consists of two main product options:

Model 8550

The Liftmaster 8550 is a ceiling mounted trolley garage door opener, DC powered, Belt Drive which includes Battery Back-Up System.


Model 8500

The Liftmaster 8500 is a wall mounted garage door opener specifically designed for low headroom conditions.


Both models in the Elite Series contain numerous features not found on competing products:

  • MyQ® Wi-Fi technology allows for remote monitoring and control of your garage door from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • P3™ motors and a DC belt drive system deliver fast, quiet performance.
  • A battery backup means your opener will continue to work, even when the power is out.
  • Security+ 2.0® technology prevents unauthorized entry by creating a unique access code after each use.
  • The PosiLock® locking system monitors against forced opening.
  • The Protector System® uses an invisible light beam to detect when objects are in the door path and prevent closing.
  • An exclusive lifetime warranty on all motor and belt components, as well as a one-year battery warranty and a five-year warranty on all other parts.

For more information about installation options and accessories, or to request a quote, contact the Central State Door Service office in Harrisburg today.


The 195LM is a sturdy and attractive ceiling mount for LiftMaster openers. The 195LM can be installed horizontally or vertically in practically any garage. With an adjustable height between 6.5″ and 24″, it can easily be configured to suit the needs of your space. Many homeowners use the 195LM to hide unsightly wires and cables, giving their garage a cleaner, sleeker look.




Central State Door Service sells and installs the complete Premium Series of garage door openers by LiftMaster®. Any model from the Premium Series makes an excellent choice for any home, one that will deliver a lifetime of reliable performance, day in and day out. For more than 70 years, we have been matching central PA homeowners with some of the best products on the market today, and backing them up with reliable service whenever you need it.

Featured Models

The Premium Series contains a wide range of door openers at various price points, including:


Our bestselling garage door opener, the Premium Series 8365 is a 1/2 HP, AC-powered chain drive system that incorporates advanced security and connectivity features. The 8365 is designed to consume 75% less power in standby mode, and features a one-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on motor components.



For advanced performance and protection against power outages, choose the 8360 garage door opener. The 8360 includes much of the same features as the 8365, with the addition of a battery backup system that ensures you are always able to get into and out of your garage when you need to.



The full-featured 8355 garage door opener includes LiftMaster’s proprietary Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®) that delivers smooth quiet operation, even after years of use. Other notable features include smartphone connectivity and Security+ 2.0® technology.



The 195LM is a sturdy and attractive ceiling mount for LiftMaster openers. The 195LM can be installed horizontally or vertically in practically any garage. With an adjustable height between 6.5″ and 24″, it can easily be configured to suit the needs of your space. Many homeowners use the 195LM to hide unsightly wires and cables, giving their garage a cleaner, sleeker look.


Central State Door Service has been a partner to central PA homeowners since 1941. We are proud to offer a full selection of advanced openers by LiftMaster. Contact our office today to request a quote.




Choose the Contractor Series of garage door openers from LiftMaster® when you want exceptional value and performance for the long-term. The Contractor Series 8165 garage door opener is one of our most popular sellers for home use. Containing a number of advanced features, the 8165 has been designed from the ground up to be a smarter, safer and more intuitive type of product.


Key Benefits

Contractor Series openers provide:


Included MyQ® technology provides a complete remote monitoring solution for your home lighting, garage doors and gates. Connect from any smartphone or tablet using the free MyQ mobile app, or sign up to receive text alerts whenever a change to your garage or lighting status has been made.


Contractor Series garage door openers run on specially built P3™ motors that consume 75% less power in standby mode; a chain drive system ensures quiet and smooth operation each time you open and close your door.


To keep your family safe, audio and visual warnings can be programmed to run whenever the door opens or closes; the 8165 opener also features a safety beam system that stops the door from closing if it detects anything in its path.


The Security+ 2.0™ system sends a unique access code each time the door is opened remotely, preventing accidental entry; the PosiLock® system provides additional protection against forced entry. When installed and serviced by an authorized dealer, Contractor Series openers are backed by a four-year motor warranty and a one-year parts warranty. To learn more, or request a quote, contact us.



To better complement our current inventory of garage doors and openers, Central State Door Service sells the full range of LiftMaster® accessories. We can put together a complete turnkey package containing everything you need to redo your garage door or add on optional accessories to a recently purchased system. Whatever your requirements, our team will work to ensure they are met.

With more than 70 years of experience serving homeowners in Central PA, our technicians have the training and expertise necessary to install your purchase right the first time — call today to book an appointment.

Available Products

Let us match you with the right accessories for your garage door opener. Available products include:


The 893MAX features the same functionality as the 890MAX but in a convenient package that clips easily onto your car’s visor.


The 890MAX is an easy-to-use, three-button remote control that works with all LiftMaster garage door openers. Small enough to fit on a keychain or in a purse or glove compartment, the 890MAX gives you complete control over any LiftMaster product manufactured since 1993, as well as gate openers and MyQ®-enabled lighting. The 890MAX is powered by a three-volt battery, which is good for up to five years of use.


The LiftMaster 375UT is a full-featured universal remote compatible with 90% of all North American garage door openers. Eliminate the need for multiple remotes — the 375UT can be used with LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman and a wide range of other manufacturers’ products.
For more information about remote options and other accessories for your garage door opener, contact Central State Door Service today.



Garage door openers have come a long way in recent years; as part of an overall trend towards smarter, more connected homes, a number of accessories are now available that can make your life easier every step of the way. As an authorized LiftMaster® dealer, Central State Door Service carries the company’s most advanced door control accessories. They can be used with many of the company’s popular residential openers, as well as several products from other manufacturers.


The 877MAX is a keyless entry system compatible with all LiftMaster openers manufactured since January 1993. It features a completely wireless design that automatically opens your garage door without requiring a controller or key. Power is provided by a single 9V battery. The unit features a fully weatherproof cover and backlit keys that are easy to read in any light.

For your convenience, the unit syncs up with your existing remote controllers and includes a one-button-to-close feature with internal storage for up to four unique pin codes. Security+ 2.0® provides peace of mind with its rolling code technology that eliminates radio interference; the unit also allows you to assign temporary passcodes for contractors and other visitors to your home.

880LM Smart Control Panel®

Take complete control of your garage with our Smart Control Panel®.The 880LM is one of LiftMaster’s most advanced door control accessories. It is a fully featured command center for your garage, offering programmable controls for your doors and lights, Wi-Fi connectivity, at-a-glance temperature readings and internal maintenance schedules that let you know when service is required. A motion sensor can automatically trigger lights when you enter and a timer-to-close function ensures you never accidentally leave the door open again. As one of the most sophisticated products in the LiftMaster catalogue, the 880LM is an excellent addition to any modern, connected home.


The LiftMaster 485LM battery pack is another popular accessory. Use the 485LM to maintain access to your garage during a power outage. It’s compatible with the Premium Series 8360 opener, as well as other products.



MyQ® is the proprietary LiftMaster® connected home technology platform. Designed to integrate lighting, garage doors and gates, the MyQ system puts advanced functionality in the palm of your hands. With MyQ, you can:

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to open and close your garage door, turn on or off your lights, or monitor your home remotely
  • Enable alerts via text message when your garage door or gate opens and closes
  • Easily connect multiple devices and control them from a single app or panel

MyQ is a flexible, scalable system that is enhanced by a wide range of accessories. Let Central State Door Service put together a package for your home. We sell and service the complete line of MyQ products and accessories, such as:


This is the internet gateway for connecting up to 16 enabled devices. Simply install the gateway on your home wireless router and select the devices you want to control. The 828LM is compatible with all LiftMaster Security+ 2.0® garage door and gate openers.


This is a door and gate monitor for remotely controlling up to four garage doors or gates. Key features include easy-to-read colored LED indicators and programmable alerts that let you know when your door is opened or closed.


This is a remote light switch for connecting your home lighting to the MyQ system. Use it in place of any existing wall switch to enjoy on/off and dimmer control from your smartphone or tablet.

Learn more about how MyQ Technology & Accessories work.

Want to learn even more about the MyQ family of products? Contact a Central State Door Service representative by calling or emailing us today.


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