Things you must know on the importance of fire door drop testing.

Fire Door

Fire accidents are one of the most traumatizing experiences that could ever happen to you. Besides the danger it brings, they can also provide expensive casualties to the infrastructure. Luckily, nowadays, experts have come up with a solution to prevent fire accidents from creating much worse damages.

A Fire door serves to prevent people inside an establishment protected from fire hazards. Before installing a fire door right away, consider first consulting for a fire door drop test.

In this article, we’ll discuss why fire door drop testing is an important thing to do.

What is NFPA 80?

NFPA 80 are the guidelines set by NFPA that govern the installations of components and equipment. These prevent the spread of fire and thick smoke through openings in walls, flooring, and roofs inside, into, and out of an establishment.

A Fire door makes the people inside an establishment protected from fire hazards. The National Fire Protection Association or the NFPA has established what is commonly referred to as NFPA 80 section criteria. This gives a wide variety of possible restrictions, to guarantee that every commercial establishment and building meets the same set of safety standards.

These regulations are necessary to ensure the safety of a facility and those who enter it. Owners must have their fire doors examined by experts at least once a year to stay following the NFPA 80 section regulations. Furthermore, you must have legal proof that you conducted this fire door evaluation and inspection.

What Are Fire Doors?

Fire doors are simple doors with additional advanced safety features designed to delay or control the spread of fire, thick smoke, or dangerous carbon monoxide. These advanced doors provide you an extra time to evacuate if a fire breaks out quickly. They also lower the mass of gasses and smoke that may enter your establishment.

What is a fire door drop test?

A fire door drop testing or examination determines if your fire doors achieve the required standards in terms of fire protection.

There are two stages during a fire door drop test.

  •  In the first test, the fire door must be able to ensure it can function correctly and that they are giving complete closure.
  •  Next, the second fire door drop testing stage examines if the automatic-closing sensors are functioning correctly or reset properly.
  •  Once the door shows implications and failures, it will automatically be brought to the repair process to ensure that it passes each test.
  •  Once the repairs are completed, the fire door will be brought to the first process again to ensure durability and functionality. It is better to test it multiple times; at least you have the assurance of your safety.
  •  If the fire door fails the drop test a second time, it may be necessary to dispose it entirely and then drop test a new one.
  • Reliable drop testing companies will follow these preprocesses since it provides full assurance to the functionality of the fire doors.

Why is fire door drop testing important?

  •  Ensure the safety of employees and people.
  • You, your coworkers, and even civilians will be secure during a fire emergency in establishments if you have a door that passes a drop test.
  •  Door Durability
  • A fire door that passes the stages of drop testing will aid in the detection of minor issues that might develop into critical problems. You can ensure that the door will survive many years by immediately identifying and repairing these faults.
  •  Government Regulations
  • You must follow specific standards to ensure that you are doing all feasible practices to secure your establishment and the people inside of it. Drop testing will help achieve the fire door guidelines and standards by numerous organizations such as (NFPA, IDA, UL, and IDEA). This might save you money in the long run by avoiding hefty penalties or even establishment shutdown.

It is simple to request and consult an expert for a fire door drop test. Don’t put your company’s reputation, employees, and organizational structure in jeopardy. Having a reliable and secure fire door in your facilities can provide multiple life benefits. Performing fire door drop testing or maintenance will ensure that your building is prone to terrible casualties during a fire incident. So, are your doors tested yet? No? then what are you waiting for!

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