4 Ways To Utilize Your Garage

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When we think of what to do with our garages, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is to keep their car in it. While this is a great way to use your garage there are other, more fun and sometimes more functional uses for your garage. Your garage is like another room in your house. Without the proper furniture and decorations it is just a room, but with a little work and effort, you can transform your garage into a space you will be using every day. 


While not as fun as some of the other ideas listed below, using your garage for storage can be very beneficial and practical. For people with small storage areas in their home, a garage is just an empty room to fill with stuff. This can be done in an organized manner that will make life simpler and just more convenient. 

One thing you can do to create a storage space in your garage is to add shelving units. You can put the shelves in whatever configuration you need to. On these shelves you can put plastic bins that are labeled with what is in them. This can create ease when you need to find something because everything can be seen and is labeled appropriately. 

Using your garage for storage will not only free up space in the rest of your home, but make it easier to locate and organize your things. 


Another somewhat obvious use of your garage is as a workshop. Now, I am not saying to make a little corner with a few tools, but you can use your garage as an actual space to work on projects and store them as you work. You can set up a big workbench with plenty of room to work on multiple things at once if that is your thing, and set up a tool wall so you can easily find what you are looking for. This will make it more fun to work on projects while also creating a space just for that activity. 

Turning your garage into a workshop will help to keep your projects organized and help to provide a space that will facilitate creativity. 

Craft Room

Are you a heavy crafter with too many supplies and not enough space? Convert your garage into a craft room! You can set up a crafting table big enough to hold your works in progress, and get shelving units to hold your supplies and tools. Foam yoga tiles also make a great addition to the room to better insulate the floor and create a soft surface that is easier to clean than carpet. 

By utilizing your garage as a craft room, you are creating a safe space to work and are able to better consolidate your crafting supplies and projects. 


Garages make a great space for greenhouses. You can insulate it and add shelves for your plants and grow lights to create a great space for your plants to grow and thrive. Another great thing you could add to your garage greenhouse is a compost bin for any plant matter that you would normally throw away. Your plants will feel at home in their new space and you will get an opportunity to give more time and attention to your plants as well. 

A greenhouse in your garage is a great use of your space and can encourage gardening and is a sustainable way to use your garage.

Your garage does not have to be reserved for your car. Your garage can have many uses! By simply adding some stuff to your garage it can be transformed into a new space like any other room in your home. Don’t limit your space, create a new storage room, workshop, craft room, greenhouse, or whatever you want today!

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