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It’s time to inspect your garage door and make sure it’s prepared for Fall weather, as the leaves begin to turn and the temperatures begin to drop. You don’t want to have to deal with a repair service during the holiday period or even when it’s freezing outdoors. 

Check For Cracks In The Cement

The garage will be vacant for a while as you reorganize tools and move cars. Seize the opportunity to look for cracks in your garage floor cement. As the soil underneath lurches and changes, almost every concrete floor will break with time. The goal is to make sure the cracks don’t become a problem you have to deal with.  Floor cracks should be disregarded only if they are less than 1/8-inch wide or if one side of the crack lip is taller than the other. Two coins are the simplest method to test the width of a crack.

Make Sure The Door Opens Properly

Checking the sealing and functionality of your garage door towards the end of the Summer season is also a good idea. If your door fails in the colder months, it may be a real pain to sort out. Check the remote and wall button for functionality, as well as the low-voltage electrical line for safety. Make sure the door closes properly to ensure a tight seal, and fine-tune the opener as needed. It’s an excellent task to calibrate a garage door remote. A good seal will keep the garage safe from the elements and pests in the wintertime.

Get Your Garage Insulated

Consider a garage without insulation as a large refrigerator that is always pushing frigid air into your house during the cold months. Imagine how much more effort your AC unit will have to put in to make your home toasty. As a result, either increase insulation or change the old insulation. Check for gaps in edges and spaces around window frames and entrance doors. Polyurethane insulation should be used to fill any voids. Use a weather resistant coating to protect your windows. Make sure the weather strip on the garage and entryway doors is in good shape. Insulate unprotected pipes to keep them from freezing over. Just those few changes might save you a lot of money on your heating expenditures.

Do An End Of Summer Clean-Up

In the coming weeks, keeping a well-organized and tidy garage space will make Fall much simpler. Making modest changes, such as storing summertime goods and relocating snow equipment and seasonal decorations for ease of accessibility, will aid in organization and functionality of your garage.

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