Common Garage Door Problems

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It’s common that throughout the years of a garage door opening and closing repeatedly, that it will run into some hiccups. Most are easy fixes and require only slight maintenance, but some others may require a professional to be called out to your home to take a look for themselves. Here are a few common garage door problems that homeowners run into.

Low Batteries

It’s no surprise that things like the tv remote that run on batteries, will drain after a few months of use and need to be replaced. The same goes for your garage door opener. Most of these run on button-cell batteries and can be easily swapped out for fresh ones. Anytime your garage isn’t responding to the button presses or you notice that the range of your remote is very weak, it’s time to change the batteries. The same issue can be said for some keypads. Newer keypads run on replaceable batteries. You may not be entering that code wrong after all. It’s always a good idea to replace these batteries every 1 to 2 years. Some factors may extend or shrink the lifespan of your batteries, so make sure to use them only when needed. 

Loud Screeches

A noisy garage door is an unhealthy garage door. While this problem may occur from deterioration over time, it could also be because of moisture that has rusted parts of your door like the chain and rollers. Squeaking and screeches will also tell you when the rollers need lubrication. Apply lubrication to the squeaky moving parts to reduce the amount of noise they make when the garage door opens and closes. The worst noise you could hear when opening your garage door is rattling. Loose nuts and bolts are always a major issue. These could cause the assembly to fall off the roof of your garage. Landing on your car or a person, so be sure to tighten and fasten all loose hardware if this noise rings in your ears. It is always good practice to tighten everything once and while to not let bolts and nuts loosen to that critical point.

Door Doesn’t Open

If your garage door just isn’t opening, even with fresh batteries in your remote, there may be a more complex problem at hand. Inspect the motor and belt to ensure that while the motor is running, the belt is turning. If not, the chain may have slipped off its track, causing the motor to turn, but not lift or close the door. This problem often occurs when someone accidently pulls the red emergency cord hanging from the mechanism. Motors also may burn out, if all looks well with the belt and the door still is experiencing problems, you may need to replace the motor for a new one. Having a professional take a look at the problem will save you the trouble of searching for a motor or part that may not solve the issue you’re experiencing.

It Happens

Garage door problems are very common. With all the problems that they have, there is usually a simple solution to it. Remain calm if your door doesn’t work properly. Have someone take a look at it and access the problem if it requires expertise. Go through a checklist of common issues until you find the one. Central State Door Service has you covered for all your questions and repairs!

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