How to Prepare Your Garage for Summer

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As summer approaches, spring maintenance looms over garages everywhere. Throughout the winter, our garages and garage doors see some stuff. From snowy winter boots, to getting hit by snow shovels accidentally. Your garage door needs some TLC. 


After such a harsh winter, your garage door is bound to need some extra love this spring. One of the first things that must be done is cleaning. Your garage has to be cleaned and organized before any maintenance can be done. After taking a day to clean out your garage and make sure there is space to work, you have to take a look at the different parts of your garage door. 

Manual Release Handle

The manual release handle is the part of your garage door that allows you to open and close your garage door without using the remote. It is typically a red handle that should not be more than about six feet off of the ground. To test that it is working properly, use it to open and close the garage door a couple of times. 

Garage Door Panels

Your garage door panels are another important thing to look over when making sure your garage is ready for summer. With the garage door shut, you can check over all of the panels for damage. Loose or cracked panels, as well as those that are separating from the garage door must be repaired to ensure your garage door operates properly, and to ensure safety. 

Springs and Hardware

The springs and hardware of your garage door are what keep it moving and operating properly. Just like with looking at the garage door panels, you should look at the springs and hardware of your garage door with the door shut. Every spring, hinge, bracket, and fastener should be checked for damage and rust. If you find any issues with the springs or hardware a professional should be called to repair it. 

Door Operation

When in working condition, your garage door should open and close with ease. Test to make sure it opens and closes properly first using a garage door opener. If you do not have a garage door opener that is working properly, then manually open and close the garage door a few times. If the door gets stuck or is struggling to open or close, it could be off of the tracks. If the garage door does not open or close properly, call a professional to properly align it back on the tracks. 

Photoelectric Eyes/ Safety Reverse Feature

The photoelectric eyes of a garage door, or the safety reverse feature of a garage door, are located about six inches from the ground on the left and right sides of the garage door. The photoelectric eyes are sensors that when triggered, stop the garage door from closing and reopen it. In order to make sure this safety feature is working properly, you simply have to use your garage door opener to close the garage door, and wave something in front of the sensors. If the door stops closing and reopens, the photoelectric eyes are working, if the door continues to close and shuts, then you will need them to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 


One of the many things people neglect when it comes to garage door care is lubrication. Lubricating your garage door is very important. There are various parts of a garage door that need to be lubricated. An important rule of thumb is that if it is a moving part, it needs to be lubricated. That includes springs, hinges, the track, and any other little metal part that is working hard at opening and closing your garage door. 


Just like your car, your garage door needs to be cleaned. Cleaning your garage door is a simple task. All you need is some mild soap and some water and something to scrub with. It is good to clean the dirt and salt and grime off of your garage door about once a year in the spring or summer. For harder to clean stains a diluted bleach solution can be used as well. If your garage door is fading you can apply a nice, fresh coat of paint to it to make it look nice too. 


Oftentimes when people think insulation, they think about keeping heat in, but insulation also keeps cool air in. Adding insulation to your garage can not only make it easier to work in during the hot summer months, but it also keeps noise inside of the garage and out of the house. Insulating your garage is a great way to get yourself to utilize your garage more often and more comfortably. 


During winter, weatherstripping in your garage is often damaged. You should always check and replace your weatherstripping about once a year. While often neglected, this task is important. Check the weatherstripping around your garage door for any cracks or holes. If you find any, try to repair them, however, if the weatherstrip is torn or too badly damaged, you will need to replace the weatherstrip. The weatherstrip helps keep the hot air out during summer and the cold air out during the winter. It also keeps out things like rain and snow, as well as dirt and pests. Making sure that your weatherstripping is good is imperative to keeping a clean, nice garage. 

As mundane as a task it may seem to be, keeping up with your garage and garage door is an important thing to do as summer approaches. Ensuring that all parts of your garage door are working properly is necessary for safety and practicality. Cleaning your garage, inside and out is needed to make sure all parts are working. Lubricating your garage door helps prevent problems down the line by making sure it runs smoothly. Insulating and replacing the weatherstripping on your garage door is also important to keep hot air out and cool air in during the hot summer months. It also helps to keep out water, dirt, and pests. Don’t wait, prepare your garage for summer today!

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