Why Your Garage Door Remote is Not Working

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Have you ever gone to open your garage door using the remote after a long day out, only to find it is not working? No one likes to be in that position where you start hitting it a little to get it to maybe work, only to spend five whole minutes messing with the thing only to have to get out and open the door manually. Knowing how to pinpoint and find your issue can help you get back to utilizing your garage door remote as soon as possible. 

Dead Batteries

When it comes to assessing why your garage door is not opening, one of the first places to start is the batteries. Garage door remotes are usually battery powered, so if you are experiencing issues with your remote not working, open it up and see if the batteries are working. You can either use a multimeter to test the charge of the batteries or test them in another device. If the batteries are dead simply get new batteries for the remote. If the batteries are not an issue, you will have to look deeper into the problem. 

Physical Damage

While batteries are one of the first culprits you will point to when your garage door remote is not working, physical damage could be the real cause. Check out your remote, is there any damage to it? Did you recently drop it or get it wet? If you find physical damage to the remote the easiest course of action is to get a new remote. While you could try to go the route of fixing it, it will be more time and cost effective to purchase a new garage door remote. 

Faulty System

Like all electronics, garage door openers, and the remotes that go with them, have little computers that are helping to make everything work. While this makes things easier for us, it also can make things harder when something does go wrong. One of the first things to look for when determining if something in your garage opener’s system is wrong is to rule out radio frequency interferences. There are various things that can cause radio frequency interference, this can include gaming consoles, motion detectors, and home alarm systems. One simple way to fix this is by turning off whatever you think may be causing the interference, or moving it away from the garage. It can be time consuming to figure out what is causing it, but fixing an interference can be done. 

Like many electronics, sometimes you need to just turn off your garage door opener and turn it back on. When your garage door remote is not working, it is a good idea to try to unplug the system and plug it back in. A simple system reset can help a lot. 

Another common issue when working with a remote is issues with it pairing. Reprogramming the remote can sometimes be a quick fix. Your garage door remote’s manual should provide instructions on how to repair the remote to the garage door opener. 

We all love the convenience of our electronic garage door openers, but with electricity can come power surges. Sometimes when the garage door remote is not working, it means the door opener is not working. If your home recently experienced a power surge or lightning striking, your garage door opener’s transmitter will not work, meaning in turn the remote will not work. In such a case, it is best to call Central State Door Service
Understanding the common issues that cause your garage door remote to not work can help save you time and even money down the road. Your broken garage door remote doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. When in doubt, contact us at Central State Door Service for your garage door needs. 

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